A large number of residents, living in the limits of police station RA Bazaar, presented a lot of complaints before Acting City Police Officer (CPO) and SSP (Operations) Israr Ahmed Abbasi regarding surge in street crimes in the area and rude behaviour of station house officer and the other officials with the public.

The CPO, who held an open court on Saturday, took strict notice of public complaints and ordered the SHO and other officials to deal with the public and crime victims politely; otherwise they will have to face the music.

"There is nothing harm in it if you cannot offer tea or cold drinks to complainants. But listen to them politely and with good manners," the CPO directed.

A citizen Shakeel Ahmed complained that street crimes are rising with passage of every day while shops were being looted in absence of affective police patrolling while the police officers deal with the complainants rudely.–Staff Reporter