While it is heartening and praiseworthy that the Prime Minister took a small delegation to China on his first official visit, it is sad that his son, who has an independent business abroad, was part of this team and took part in official parleys. Another objectionable member of this delegation was the Chief Minister Punjab’s son Salman Shahbaz. It is time that universally adopted ethics and morals, which govern rules of business in democracies, must be strictly followed by the democratically elected government of Pakistan. It is only good governance and auditing of every paisa spent from the state exchequer, which will strengthen democracy and prevent interventions by unconstitutional quarters in this country.

PM Nawaz Sharif must strictly ensure that his ministers and advisers do not have a conflict of interest, which basically means no business deals with the state and no awarding of contracts to firms owned by the family members of those holding public offices. The Minister of Railways should focus his energy to ensure that railway engines are back on track, carrying passengers and cargo, instead of involving himself with controversies such as building underpasses and overheads on unmanned railway crossings.

People have still not forgotten the series of collapsed overhead pedestrian bridges built on Lahore Ring Road and the contractor involved in this criminal negligence. Similarly the Advisor for Aviation must be seen following rules, not abusing his powers, redressing grievances of two brothers of a PML-N Senator, when there are avenues available and rules to be followed, to accomplish what was done in haste.


Peshawar, July 18.