Former prime minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has said that Constitution offers him immunity even today and no one can withdraw this right given to him by the Parliament.

Talking to local journalists on telephone, he added that only Parliament had the right to withdraw his immunity. He said that when he said that the president had the immunity, no one accepted his statement but later on presidential immunity was acknowledged. “They’ll acknowledge the immunity for an ex prime minister too in coming days,” he claimed. He said that in fact it was not the issue of his arrest, rather they wanted to disrespect the constitution.

Referring to former OGRA chairman Tauqir Sadiq case, he claimed that all procedures were followed in his appointment and a report was sought from secretary establishment before his appointment. “Now tell me if a task is done in line with all the set procedures, how they say that I violated the rules?” he posed a question. He added that if an individual committed corruption after appointment, how could the authority that appointed him be blamed for his misdeeds.

To a query, he said that the President was made bound to use on office before recent elections as a result of which he could not run party’s election campaign. “While I was dragged in many cases and finally my son was kidnapped,” he lamented. He said that he was barred from holding public meeting by hurling terrorism threats. “Had I been allowed to run election campaign, no one could have dared change the election results,” he claimed. He declared that the PPPP would not leave the ground empty for any one and continue its movement.