ISLAMABAD -  Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) government has rescheduled the Council of Common Interests (CCI) meeting for Tuesday (July 23) to discuss the Energy Policy and host of other issues including the IMF bailout loan package.

Earlier, the meeting was scheduled with the federal cabinet meeting on July 25 but due to non-availability of a chief minister of a smaller province on that date the meeting was rescheduled for Tuesday to have the reflection of the provinces on the National Energy Policy as well as other important issues relating to the provinces.

Sources in the government further informed that the IMF loan and its conditions, which also included increase in the power tariff, would also figure out in the meeting.

It is mandatory for the government to get the conditions of IMF approved from the provinces as ultimately it would going to affect the people of all the four provinces.

The smaller provinces may take up the issue of non-implementation of the devolution plan in the light of the 18th Constitutional Amendment and hopefully would get positive view on these issues from the PML-N government which in the past had been fighting for the same rights during the PPP-led coalition government.