ISLAMABAD - Despite the fact that the civic agency has approved Fire Prevention and Life Safety Regulations in 2010 to make the lives of capital residents more safer and secure but no safety measures and steps have been taken by the residents and especially by the owners of high-rise buildings, sources told The Nation on Saturday.

Though Fire Prevention and Life Safety Regulations were passed three years ago, most of the multi-storey buildings are still not equipped with the safety tools and safe exit points, the sources added. According to details, the CDA has just conducted a survey in this connection and the survey results were portraying a horrible picture, as almost 90 per cent of the city's high-rise and multi-storey buildings were not equipped with necessary equipments required as per provision of Fire Prevention and Life Safety Regulations 2010, the sources added.

Due to the slackness of the top brass of CDA with reference to the implementation of Fire Prevention and Life Safety Regulations, the lives of thousands residents of the high-rise buildings were in danger to any untoward incident that can be turned into an accident, the sources added.

Authority in a bid to minimise the losses in result of fire incidents across the federal capital has approved the aforementioned regulations. The regulations bind the owners of high-rise buildings to take all possible measures including fixation of fire sprinklers, working in combination with heat and smoke detectors that can activate alarms to warn the building residents.

After getting the status of regulation, all existing buildings constructed before the promulgation of the regulations were under legal obligation to install all required equipment within six months period. But the civic body did not take appropriate interest in fixation of fire sprinklers official added.

"Only 90 owners of buildings constructed before the promulgation of regulation has submitted compliance report with CDA in response to notices they were served to install necessary equipment," said a concerned official. Remaining building owners not bothered to respond to the civic body in this regard he added.

However, he said buildings constructed after the passage of this regulation were adhering to some extent to the CDA guidelines in this regard. He said in case of construction of new buildings, clearance with regard to fire prevention and life safety measures are required from the directorate of emergency and disaster management both at the time of approval of building plan as well as issuance of completion certificate by the Authority. Under this regulation Directorate of Emergency and Disaster Management has the powers to get vacated or seal any building if it finds it in violation of regulations.

"Despite the powers and recurring fire incidents in high-rise buildings, till to date the directorate of emergency and disaster management has not sealed even a single such building. Such slackness on Authority's part gives strength to violators," the official observed.

Under the Fire Prevention and Life Safety Regulations 2010, the regulations and standards have been divided into three clauses: fire prevention, life safety and fire protection.

The fire prevention covers the aspects pertaining to design and construction of buildings on passive fire protection measures, describing various types of building material and their fire safety rating. The life safety provision deals with events of fire and similar emergencies, addressing construction and occupancy features that are necessary to minimise the danger to life from fire, smoke, fumes or panic. The protection aspect relates to appurtenance, their related components and guidelines for selecting correct types of equipment and installations meant for fire protection of buildings depending on their classifications and types.