It was December 12, 2000. United States Supreme Court announced contentious decision in Bush v Al Gore, ended the recounts with effectively awarding Florida's votes to Bush and declared his victory. This marked the fourth election in U.S. history in which the eventual winner failed to win a plurality victory of the presidential election.  New York Times concluded that crisis over the 200 election was not merely an American crisis, but a world crisis, because it had represented the political destabilization of American imperialism, the bulwark of world capitalism throughout the 20th century.

It is May 17, 2013 in Pakistan. Election Commission of Pakistan has rejected Pakistan Tehrik-e-Pakistan chairman Imran Khan's request to recount votes for Lahore's NA-122. But Imran gave the commission a 'warning' to accept his demand for recounting in six constituencies including NA-57 Attock, NA-11 Sialkot, NA-122, NA-125, NA-154 Lodhran and NA-239. Right after one year and 27 days, PTI Chairman addressing in Bahawalpur announced to lead Islamabad Tsunami March comprising over 10 lakh participants on August 14 in case his demands could not fulfill. According to PTI sources thirty MPAs from Punjab Assembly and 34 MNAs will submit resignations before the long march. Perhaps captain is going to be dealing with essence of democratic structure restored after about one and half decade in the country.

Pakistan is in state of war like United States after 2000 election. Al Gore like Imran Khan - the victim of electoral manipulation had burst in on Bush onIraq war through rallying on streets of New York and Washington. But our chairman has stick to old demand with announcing long march on Independence Day, as if still not ready to go down with the line of offence taken against terrorists in N. Waziristan. According to Wall Street Journal, IDPs have remembered Taliban dominance for disintegrating their centuries-old core social and cultural fabrics. Further, they turned on people of Pakistan instead of taking a shot at 'infidel' forces in Afghanistan or Kashmir. Zarb-e-Azb successfully crossed half of the month. Pak Army is pouring series of offensive against hideouts of terrorists - some of which had claimed responsibility of heinous murder of PTI ministers of KP province even, with dozens of attack on commoners among large number security forces' personal in the past. However Imran Khan vis-à-vis thinking and interests of Jamat Islami calls to halt operation 'to accommodate IDPS first' as if its 'none of the business of front-line KP government'. Hence counting in four constituencies supersede bloodshed at the hand of insurgents incur heavy losses and gaining notoriety. Could it be that the caption's mentors would be experiencing 'cracks in the party line' and want to get over in pretext of recounting? There is no gainsaying the fact our democratic system is replete with anomalies and shortcomings struck deeply under periodic rules of dictatorship. It is an un-denying fact that no one was permitted to steal election, even not a single vote of single constituency - rigging in four is far off - as every vote holds sanctity. Then there is no system perfect. Imran Khan who always has subscribed to strengthening of democracy, its institutions, a big critique of dictatorship, though the history doesn't support the virtue. Surprisingly his reservations for four constituencies hold little through the parliament. He is a real opposition party with pockets of elected candidates hailing from across the country, except Balochistan. He doesn't know his constant call for street agitation after setting aside democratic institutions would lead the country into state of anarchy as witnessed in Middle East today. People of this country are now questioning over performance of KP government. Have captain known appropriate answers of those questions? If not, it should get major changes in core party's policies. Time is ripe Khan should address electoral issues through proper forum based on the parliament and election commission for smooth sailing of democracy - the only way of surviving capably among leading nations of the world.