LAHORE - Intelligence officials on Sunday clarified that one of the terrorists was captured alive with multiple wounds during the operation at the terrorists’ compound in Araiyan village near the prime minister’s residence in Raiwind.

The condition of the terrorist, identified as Muhammad Tufail, was said to be out of danger. He was rushed to an unknown place where a team of doctors provided him intensive medical treatment, a private news channel reported on Sunday.

The intelligence operatives are confident that more arrests are expected in the day ahead following the interrogation of the arrested militant.

Earlier, the law enforcing agencies claimed that two terrorists were gunned down in the operation launched in the Araiyan Pind at Raiwind Road after Wednesday midnight. An intelligence official was also died during the operation as the militants used heavy weapons to target the commandoes. Another terrorist, Ahsan Mahmood, had been killed during the operation.

Intelligence and law enforcing agencies have already arrested dozens of suspects from different parts of the Punjab province as they got important information about the terrorists’ network after carefully searching the compound.