The stress reportedly keeps ‘piling up’ for Beyonce Knowles following claims her dad has fathered a child.

Earlier this month 30-year-old model TaQoya Branscomb claimed Beyonce’s dad Mathew was the father of her daughter, born in 2010. It’s been a turbulent year for the singer so far, after footage leaked over her younger sibling Solange attacking Beyonce’s husband Jay Z in an elevator at a Met Ball after-party in May.

She’s also faced speculation her marriage is on the rocks and tickets for her joint On the Run Tour with Jay failed to sell out. ‘Bey was stunned to learn she may have another secret sibling,’ a source divulged to British magazine Star. ‘She’s started to question just how many are out there and what her dad was up to for all those years. It’s incredibly embarrassing for her family.’

It’s not the first time Mathew has been the subject of a fatherhood scandal. He was ordered to take a paternity test when actress Alexsandra Wright claimed he was the dad of her son Nixon. The test was positive and Mathew was ordered to pay child support to Alexsandra and Nixon. Subsequently, his 31-year marriage to wife Tina broke down, with the designer filing for divorce in 2011. ‘The stress keeps piling up for Bey,’ the insider sighed. ‘It’s been a tough few months and she’s starting to feel the pressure.’She’s trying to keep the peace within the family, but it’s not easy as tensions are running high.’