Syed AbuBakar in his column in the Nation has said that countries are investing more in renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, which is cost-effective in the long run. He says that this is the green revolution that the entire world must follow. No mention here of hydel power, which alone can give us the much needed water. He says, our neighbour India also faces electricity shortages and is investing heavily in solar and wind power. No mention again of the 4600 large and medium dams which India has already built so far which are sustaining India’s agriculture.

The writer continues stating that other nations are producing a major portion of energy from clean energy sources and we are blessed with enormous solar and wind energy potential and he still does not mention our enormous potential of clean hydel power which can bring about the real green revolution. Reading the column it appears as if one is reading about a country which is not an agricultural country and it does not need large amount of stored water. I would like to ask him if he lives in Pakistan and if he is educated.


Lahore, July 18.