One of my professors of political science often used to quote, “Harming womenfolk means harming society.” Women suffer on all counts and in all manners, particularly, in our rural society. Like successive rulers in the past, the incumbent rulers have not honored their promises, and why should they? There is a tradition of not doing anything for the poor. When the PPP, which belongs to Sindh, did nothing for the poor people of Sindh, why should you or I expect the Sharif’s to make life easier for the poor people of Sindh and Pakistan?

Women still walk miles to get drinking water in various parts of the country and child mortality and female mortality rates have not lessened as there are still no doctors or health facilities available. Is there anyone to sensitize our rulers to do something for women in our society especially the ill-fated women of Thar, Cholistan, Kachhu and so many other places in this country?


Islamabad, July 19.