President Obama seems to have visions and insights other people don’t. Even before any inquiry into the disastrous fate of the Malaysian airlines jet, he claims he knows that the Ukrainian rebels downed the airliner, despite the fact that they hardly have the technical means to hit a plane at a height of 10 km. Indirectly, Obama is implicating Russia and President Putin despite the fact that Russia has insisted it is not interested in waging war in Ukraine and annexing Eastern Ukraine.

It is a shame how the western world will join hands in the blame game against Russia, very much the same way they did during the decades of cold war. Some allegations are that Russia has trained some Ukrainian rebels to use Russian weapons. What a story! The US is intentionally messing up world affairs, reviving a possible cold war with Russia at a time when the Middle East is burning and the world is looking forward to peace in Afghanistan. Somebody must call for an end to the madness, and the unsubstantiated claims of the powerful.


Karachi, July 19.