ISLAMABAD - Islamabad police have arrested 11 outlaws and drug pushers and recovered 1.130 kilogram heroin, 965 gram hashish, 700 cans of beer, 18 litre liquor and 30 wine bottles from them, a police spokesman said on Thursday.He said that Tarnol police  arrested a bootlegger Sarfraz Masih and recovered 500 cans of beer from him while another accused Waqas was held for having 800 gram heroin.  

Golra police arrested Mukhtar and recovered 30 wine bottles from him while Rameez Elahi and Ramzan were arrested for possessing 215 gram hashish.  

Shehzad Town police arrested Khalid Mir for having 250 gram hashish and 30 gram heroin while Rabnawaz was held for having a 30-bore pistol.  

Secretariat police arrested Zulqarnain for having 130 gram heroin while Loi Bher police arrested Yasir and Munawar for decanting gas in cylinders illegally. Karachi Company police nabbed Umer and recovered 200 cans of beer and 18 litre liquor from him. Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is underway.