LAHORE-Pakistani Canadian star Armeena Khan, who is a global sensation today, was trolled on Thursday of already being married and this was going to be her second marriage. A fan on twitter pointed out that Armeena is already married.

But she is not one to give in to online haters. The Janaan actress gave a befitting reply to those who slammed her first. The Yalghaar actress tweeted “Am I? Kindly send me the pictures of my wedding please. I wanna know how I looked.”

She went on to post a picture on Instagram regarding the same issue.

She posted, “To all the Keeras in my life #Acha sorry additional information for the non Urdu speaking followers: This type of “keera” (insect) normally lives in the gluteus maximus and the rest is self explanatory. I know it’s a little unlady-like but the occasion called for it.”

However, this is not the first time Armeena Khan has given a shut up call to haters who accused her. She has promised her fans that she will soon tell everything about her British bae.