The number of people using mobile phones while driving is increasing. This is highly dangerous as it causes road accidents. This is one of the things that is not acceptable. 

Vehicles can easily be considered the murder weapon and the driver the murderer. The excuse of carelessness of the driver is not acceptable. After all driving is complex and challenging – especially in an underdeveloped country. Hence if using a mobile phone along with it, starts to affect your concentration. You cannot make a proper judgement in turning or choosing which button to press. One may also fail to keep a good distance with the car in front. It’s also noted that some drivers do not use traffic lights. Visual distraction is caused by the amount of time you keep your eyes off the road. A telephone conversation distracts you from being aware of your surroundings. 

Most of the drivers realise that using mobiles is distracting and dangerous. Some of them justify this by saying it’s not as bad as ‘drinking and driving’. Making laws does not make a difference if it’s not enforced. The only way drivers will take this seriously, is if penalties are increased. They need to be educated in understanding how life threatening the situation is – maybe it will motivate them. 


India, July 1.