Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to carry out proper land demarcation in the area of Shahdara, in the suburbs of the capital city, to protect the state land.

The authority has also decided to set up permanent pickets at Shadarah so that cutting of the trees in the area could be checked. Mayor Islamabad and Chairman, CDA, Sheikh Anser Aziz issued directions to this effect during his visit to the area on Thursday.

He said that construction in Zone–III of Islamabad is not only illegal but sheer violation of the verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding prohibiting all kinds of construction in the said zone.

He said that no illegal construction in the area would be allowed. It is to mention here that CDA had once decided to develop the picnic spot at Shahdara but the plan could not be materialized due to indifference of the officials.

Furthermore, the CDA officials said that CARES 1122 of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) received 157 calls of emergency nature during the first week of July, 2017. All calls were responded promptly and after providing first aid, the victims of different incidents were shifted to the nearest most medical facility.

For the first time, Cares emergency service is being expanded to rural areas as well. Most of the calls received during the first week of July, 2017 were related to road traffic accidents which were 102 in number. 23 calls were received for unconscious patients during the said period. Moreover, CDA Cares 1122 also made special deployment of its vehicles at four different locations including Lakeview Park, Sunday Bazaar G-6 / H-9 and Judicial Academy H-8 on request of different departments to cope with any emergency situation.