LAHORE: The Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) disclosed yesterday that drug addiction has increased among students in educational institutions.

PHEC Director General Human Resources Mohammad Anis revealed that surveys conducted by a number of NGOs depicted a rise in drug abuse within educational institutions. He added that the abuse was present in both genders in colleges and universities.

Anti-narcotics consultant Syed Zulfikar Hussain claimed that 60 per cent of students in class 9 and 10 smoke, adding that narcotics are more easily attainable in private educational institutions. He also mentioned that sheesha cafes in Lahore sell drugs and smoke-infused sheeshas.

In universities, where students are generally from higher-income families, students use drugs such as crystal meth, cocaine, hashish, heroin, and LSD tablets. 

Sources state that these drugs enter educational facilities through security guards, canteen staffers, and other such employees of the institutions.