BAHAWALPUR-Punjab Minister for Cooperatives Malik Iqbal Channar said that the government of Punjab had taken significant steps for improving educational facilities, quality of education, upgradation of schools, additional classroom’s construction and provision of IT Labs in schools.

Talking to Pakistan Muslim League-N workers, the provincial minister said that for Government Boys High School Chak 117/DB up-gradation, working was in progress with an estimated cost of Rs42.629 million and till June 2017, funds worth Rs4 million have been spent.

He said that for the scheme, Rs38.639 million have been allocated in the fiscal year 2017-18; for the construction of Government Primary School Chak 9/BC, Rs5.816 million will be spent and so far Rs3.50 million have been spent. In the year 2017-18, a sum of Rs2.316 million has been allocated for another project.

He said that the government had started working on the up-gradation of Government Girls Middle School Hatheji Tehsil Ahmadpur East at a cost of Rs8.389 million while Rs4 million had been spent. In the year 2017-18, Rs 4.389 million funds were allocated.

Similarly, the Government Elementary School Ameennagar Uch Sharif’s up-gradation work is in progress with an estimated cost of Rs9.308 million and Government Girls Primary High School Rahim Bakhsh Channar Tehsil Ahmadpur East’s Up-gradation scheme Rs7 million was allocated in the current fiscal year.