A full life span of over 60 years has passed leaving, very harsh memories of the events encountered during this period. What’s concerning is that the destructive trend for Pakistan’s existence is still continuing at full pace. All factions stand committed to its solidarity, but unfortunately are playing the lead role on one pretext or the other. 

None of these are conserving efforts, resources, funds, knowledge, technique, experience expertise and above all time for this most dear country. Nobody seems to have the time or the understanding on how to clean the mess created by themselves. Ironic since all the leaders know how to trick, to bluff and take advantage and gain all the benefits from the poor. It can be done through a legal way or an illegal way. The money or resources collected can last for generations. They come to rule and ruin and once they’ve gained it all, they run. Leaving the common man to pay the tax and the debts, sucking them dry. This is the so called ‘democracy’ in Pakistan – the taxes and debts are left as a gift for the poor. 

Therefore Pakistan is not for all Pakistani’s anymore. It now belongs to the penniless, who have stuck around to defend it against all odds. Someone who will care for it. 

Find something Pakistani in you. Peep into your neck-shirts and necklaces, into your homes and your pockets, your offices and accounts. Move away from your comfort zone and review your personal activities, your job/service activities, your business activities and your activities as citizens, MPA, MNA, and councillor, serving the Armed Forces, lawyers, religious and political leaders. 

When we think we are bold enough, we can take the second step to test out our loyalties and responsibilities. How many of us exhibit loyalty to Pakistan and how many of us are enjoying the benefits of double loyalties? No announcement needed. Just ask yourself, “Who are you?” 

Pakistan was created with the will of God and it is here to stay. It has survived many futile attempts. This ‘shaheen’ will also surpass the present difficult storms too. This is perhaps the last and tough lap we will face, which will shut out the unworthy stuff accumulated here like, jackals around an injured animal. 

I welcome only Pakistani’s to stay steadfast on board and pray for better times, which are just around the corner. If we have the will, great things can happen for our country. The loyal and the devoted can help achieve a strong Pakistan. Just turn to ALLAH who liberated our homeland. Hence I pray to Allah to give me strength and knowledge, to convince the leaders to work more positively. To help all those in this country and above all practice ‘good governance’ 


Lahore, July 19.