ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL)

would organize a three-day training workshop on “Drama” (TV, Stage,

Radio) writing on July 25 to 27 at its Conference Hall.

      Ali Akbar Abbas would conduct this workshop, at the end of the

workshops the participants would be awarded with certificate.

      Chairman PAL Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qasim Bughio said that the

training workshops would definitely be a source of encouragement and

guidance for new emerging writers.

      The emerging writers from other cities can also participate in

the workshops but the travelling and lodging & boarding expenses

would be borne by themselves. However, PAL would favor them while

providing its Writers’ caf# at discounted rates as well there is no

registration fee for the workshops as well. The duration would be

from 10 am to 5 Pm.

      Writing Drama explores the mechanisms of dramatic story

telling. The author makes a clear distinction between what is

written to be seen or heard (theater, cinema, television, radio,

opera and to a lesser extent comic books) and what is written to be

read (literature).