KARACHI: During different search operations by police in various areas of the city, 21 suspects were taken into custody early last night.

The police arrested 13 suspects during a raid in the SITE area at night, according to the Superintendent of Police (SP)-SITE. He added that female officers also took part in the operation, which included a door-to-door search.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP)-Malir stated that in an operation conducted near Karachi's Jinnah International Airport, two other suspects were detained yesterday night.

Weapons were recovered from the suspects, who were identified as Salman and Abbas, and have been allegedly involved in cases of street crime.

SP Gulberg said that 11 people were taken into custody during a raid on a sheesha cafe in Shahrah-e-Noor Jehan and Shadman Town areas and ingredients and equipment used to make sheesha were also confiscated.