KASUR-: A seminary teacher allegedly held an orphan student hostage in a room and thrashed the child for ‘disobeying’ him here the other day.

Ibrahim submitted an application to the Kasur DPO that that his nephew Rizwan studied Quran at a mosque. His teacher asked him to bring fodder for his goats but he requested his teacher to let him go as he had a more urgent piece of work at home. The teacher lost his temper and held Rizwan hostage in a room where he subjected him to severe physical torture. The child’s hue and cry alerted the neighbours and they rescued him. Ibrahim alleged that the teacher’s torture left his nephew in critical condition and he is unable to walk on his feet. “When we asked the teacher reason of torture, he said he beat Rizwan for disobeying him, adding he will treat the child in the same way if would disobey him ever,” Ibrahim added. The family sought justice from Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and the Kasur DPO.