LAHORE-Every qawwal is bound to perform at shrines and this legacy will continue throughout a qawwal’s life because the atmosphere is always electric and the response is instant and this is the place where stars are born.

Ahsan Ashraf, 13-year-old, teenage singer inspired by legendary qawwal Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, is being trained in Sufi qawwali for the last seven years by Ustad Ansar Ali Khan.

Having begun singing at young age of eight, Ahsan emerged as quite the prodigy with performances at shrines, events, morning TV shows and Sufi festivals.

Ahsan had a passion of singing qawwali since his childhood despite he has no connection with any traditional singing gharanas.

The class eight student and musical sensation has won millions of hearts with his melodious voice.

He sings spiritual songs in the form of a dialogue with God, kept in time to the beat of eastern musical instruments such as the tabla, drums and harmonium.

The performance of this young vocalist qawwal aimed to active musical life was truly symbolic of the triumph of the spirit and the scheduled festivals where he sang later were attended and appreciated by people from all walks of life.

The genre of qawwali has gained popularity across the globe. This emerging new singer is trying to keep the tradition of qawwali alive in its true spirit.

Talking to The Nation Ahsan Ashraf said he hardly gets time to involve himself in other activities. “My father motivated me to sing qawwali and on his advice I have decided to pursue my career in qawwali singing. My singing keeps me occupied. I practice around three to five hours a day.

It is my dream to sing in films and work with celebrities. I have sung many qawwalis of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. I am working on a song of my own that I hope to release very soon,” Ahsan said.