LAHORE  - ‘Aap Janab Sarkar Party’ Chairman Nawab Dr Ambar Shehzada who is contesting from NA-125, Lahore, has said in his party manifesto, ‘Thori corruption kaam Zyada, Wazir-e-Azam Ambar Shehzada’ Poori qoum ka ek irada, Wazir-e-Aazam Ambar Shehzada’ (there should be less corruption and more work. The whole nation wants Ambar Shehzada to become prime minister).

While talking to The Nation Friday, he said he is contesting election from this constituency sixth time, adding he had contested 42 elections with no success. “Defeat has never discouraged me because I am confident that whenever free and fair elections are held, I will be a winner,” he said. He has been allotted spoon as the election symbol.

The slogan of his election campaign is “Neem corrupt avay ga, Mulk taraqqi pavay ga” (with the success of a less corrupt ruler, the country will progress). Shehzada Ambar believes problems of the masses could be solved only if they cast their votes carefully. He was of the view that corrupt rulers cannot even provide basic needs to the masses. He, however, believed corruption should be need-based.

In a message to the general public, Shehzada Ambar said if someone claims that he could end corruption, he is telling a lie. Corruption can be minimized, but it is impossible to eliminate it. One can learn how to commit more corruption by accompanying senior politicians of other political parties. “If we win the forthcoming general elections, we will minimise corruption first and then legalise it,” Shehzada pledged.

“I have no interest in geography and want to live in history. Can you imagine what will happen if total looted amount, including commission of CPEC, kickbacks of Orange Line, commission of Jangla Bus and looted money from Ahad Cheema and Fawad Hassan Fawad is recovered and deposited in the national exchequer? The country will get a new look. Wining the election is not my issue; I am crazy to correct the direction of politicians. I practice non-serious politics with deep seriousness and my politics is for the public and on the expense of public.”

“All politicians have given wrong declarations of their assets, so the chief justice of Pakistan should take notice of it and order probe into politicians’ affidavits regarding their assets. The government should purchase the assets of Sharifs, Zardari, Imran Khan, Khawaja Saad Rafique and other major political families at double rates than the declared value. It would benefit not only to the government but also to these political families. If the government fails to purchase these assets, I am ready to do so through banks. The chief justice of Pakistan and the chief of army staff should complete this process, failing which elections would be of no use because the nation demands transparent elections and not merely elections,” Shehzada Ambar asserted.

To a question, he said the masses want accountability and corrupt politicians behind bars, especially those who have concealed their assets. “I don’t demand postponement of elections, but I am of the view that the caretaker prime minister is not eligible to conduct fair and free elections because former federal minister J Salik had filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court regarding 18th Amendment and the current prime minister (as a judge of the Supreme Court) had given a decision in the light of which only an elected prime minister can deal with such matters. And the caretaker prime minister is not an elected PM,” he affirmed.