Ch Tanveer’s family dominates PML-N politics in Pindi

| Four family members granted tickets

2018-07-21T03:12:04+05:00 MUHAMMAD ASAD CHAUDHRY

Islamabad - The possible elections outcome for Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in Rawalpindi city is heavily dependent on the performance of Senator Chaudhry Tanveer Ahmed Khan as his two sons, nephew and niece’s husband are in the run from four different constituencies including a national assembly and 3 provincial seats of the garrison city.   

The political pundits are casting doubts on the position of candidates fielded by ‘Chaudhry Family’ as they are not fully optimistic about positive election results because of involvement in constituencies greater than their political capacity.

Senator Chaudhry Tanveer is considered a trustworthy aide of PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif while his association with Begum Kalsoom Nawaz is also an open secret, as he stood with her during Musharraf’s military regime.

After parting ways with PML-N by Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, the party dependence on Chaudhry Tanveer has increased and resulted in four tickets being granted to his immediate family while ignoring others who had been struggling to get the ticket.

The elder son of Senator Tanveer, Barrister Danyal Chaudhry is contesting for a national assembly’s constituency NA-62 against the head of Pakistan Awami Muslim League Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed while his younger brother Usama Chaudhry is running for a provincial assembly seat PP-14 against Muhammad Basharat Raja of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI), who has served as provincial minister twice.

Chaudhry Sarfraz Afzal, the nephew of Senator Chaudhry Tanveer and the son of former district chairman Rawalpindi Chaudhry Afzal Khan is in the run for a provincial assembly seat PP-13 against Amjad Mehmood Chaudhry of PTI while his brother in law Raja Arshad Mehmood is also contesting for another provincial assembly seat PP-11.    

However, in case of any adverse results on these four constituencies, the PML-N will also have to loss some other seats as the elections in Pakistan are usually contested with a strong cooperation between candidates for provincial assembly and national assembly candidate in any specific constituency. 

In case of a low number of votes gained by PML-N’s Usama Chaudhry in PP-14 and Chaudhry Sarfaraz Afzal in PP-13 will definitely disturb the results of NA-61 because PP-14 completely and PP-13 partially came under said constituency. Malik Ibrar Ahmed is the candidate of PML-N from this constituency. 

On the other side, awarding ticket to Barrister Danyal Chaudhry has already created rifts within the party ranks and awarding ticket of provincial seat to former MNA Shakeel Awan has also irked the potential candidates for the slot i.e. former MPA Zia Ullah Shah.

Raja Arshad Mehmood, who once won the election of provincial assembly in 2002 is considered a weak candidate among the circles and in case of his problematic results, the national assembly seat from NA-60 would become difficult for Hanif Abbasi, whose political fate is already hanging in balance because of an expected decision of Anti Narcotics Court on Saturday.     

Those who understand the dynamics of Rawalpindi’s politics understand that whenever a family tried to grab maximum powers in its hand, the people of garrison city rejected it.

In past elections, the Raja family of Dhamial led by Muhammad Basharat Raja contested the elections on two seats in 2002, on 3 seats in 2008 and on two seats in 2013 but remained unsuccessful all the time.

Similarly, the Khokar family also contested election on two seats in 2013, but lost both of them. 

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has successfully won two seats in 2002 however his nephew Sheikh Rashid Shafique had remained unsuccessful in by-elections held right after general elections on a seat vacated by elder Sheikh, who lost both seats in 2008.

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan also tried his luck on two constituencies in 2002, 2008 and 2013 but could manage to get both seats only in 2008.

Even, the close aides of Senator Chaudhry Tanveer Khan are also whispering that that his attention is diverted to multiple constituencies which is affecting the election campaign negatively.

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