Rape or sack is defined as having been robbed or destroyed by force and violence regrettably. Rape is the fourth most common crime in India against women. 

According to NCRB the number of rapes increasing every year. And a report declared that in 2015, Madya and Pradesh had highest rape cases followed by the capital Delhi. 

The United States statistical report declared that two lakh fifty thousands rapes were recorded by police and among them the fourth country was India. Every year, more than twenty thousands rape ceases are reported and more than it goes unreported since the number of people are fearful about their self esteem, self respect and name in the society. However, after several rape cases the society was forced to protest but sadly, the sexual assaults are mostly in industrialized areas. More than 90 percent of the cases girl unreported and 98 cases were committed by someone known to victim. 

In 2016, one hundred six rape cases were recorded in a day. Another shocking fact revealed by NCRB is that in that year 94 cases were the victim of own relatives brother, son, father, uncle, cousin and so on. 

The cases of raped girls or women is too high in India that someone cannot think how girls are victimised by the male genders. Those rapes are been even uncountable since the population of India is too high and it is for sure that females are also high in population which causes the life destruction of women. Hence a report, declared that in 2040, it has the chance to be the highest populated country. 

To be honest, it is the fault of society and they have equal hands in this crime since they don’t raise their voices against the rapist. Then even don’t take any actions for they fear about their respect. Unfortunately, the members of the society are themselves involved in this crime. 

It is also because of the unawares of the government because government is unaware about the condition of the country. If there is a rape case so the rapist is not punished by which the government put the other lives in risk. So the government should announce not miserable punishment for the rapist. 

Finally, we have the remedies as a focussed eye on the society can make the rapes less. 


Absor, July 3.