Balochi food is the most unique and delicious stuff all across the world. However, many tourists from Gulf countries like Oman, UAE, Bahrain, and nearby countries like Afghanistan and Iran were impressed by Balochi dishes. The Balochi dishes like bat-o-mash, mader, changal, porani, esht posht, paneer (cheese) and others were liked by the ancient people of the province.

Unfortunately, today, the Balochis have ignored their Balochi foods. It is not made in their homes anymore. It is disheartening to mention that, in the Baloch nation, when a child was born, they were given Balochi medicines and herbs, but now they are given tablets made of powder.

It is my humble request to all the Balochis, not to destroy their own cultures. These dishes are the recognition of our culture, and the Baloch intellectuals are too requested to make each Balochi aware of this issue so that the upcoming generations do not forget these.