LAHORE   -  Jamaat-i-Islami deputy chief Liaqat Baloch says the government has not carried out any diplomatic activity with Kabul, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran on the prevailing tense situation in the region, nor taken the parliament into confidence before Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to the US.

Talking to a students’ delegation from Balochistan, he said that people of Pakistan would strongly resist any soft stance with regard to the issues of Kashmir, nuclear programme of the country and with reference to Afghanistan and Iran.  Baloch said that Balochistan was the most important and sensitive province of the country but its government was paralyzed and its governance was poor. He said the international court’s decision on Reko Diq spoke of the gross incompetence of the federal government. The province badly suffered from corruption while the NAB was working as facilitator of the corrupt.  He said that Balochistan lacked local governments, the system of electricity, roads, education and health and sanitation were extremely poor while billions of rupees given in the name of development were being misappropriated. The province was also being neglected in the CPEC. In a separate statement, JI Secretary General Amirul Azeem said the government’s economic policies have miserably failed and the condition of the common man is deteriorating with every passing day.

Addressing the participants of the JI Leadership training workshop at Mansoora, he said even today the rulers did not believe that they were in power as the decisions were being made not in the elected houses but somewhere else.