KARACHI  -     President Arif Ali Saturday called for concerted efforts and active involvement of all influential segments of society to help turn conservation of nature and healthy human resource into a national spirit.

Addressing the launching ceremony of Green Initiative by a group of concerned citizens engaged in protection of environment and public health under the banner of ‘National Building Initiative’, he said Imams (prayer leaders) of mosques along with print and electronic media, and most importantly social media had a major role to play.

He said the role of government and administration could also not be ignored in introducing efficient policies and strict implementation of the same, but that could also be accomplished through proper understanding and realization on part of the masses.

In this context, he referred to the neighbouring country whereby it was incumbent upon every house builder to ensure provision for storage of rain water so that it might replenish the aquifer of the area and not flow into rivers.

“We also have examples of countries that were water scarce, but through efficient policies are now surplus water countries,” he said referring to techniques of water irrigation adopted by them making adequate use of water recycling.

He said till past 50 years, “our countrymen had little realization about the massive damage caused due to absolute disregard for environment, protection of trees and proper disposal of all categories of waste consequently exposing them to serious challenges.”

The very issue along with that of maternal and child health, he said, was closely linked to the national fate as 40% of children reported to be stunted and thus suffering from intellectual incapacities.

“This must not be acceptable to anyone and all segments holding influence on the society - the masses must respond to the call that seeks safe motherhood, healthy population and safe environment with natural resources efficiently protected,” he added.

The event was also addressed by National Building Initiative President Vice Admiral Arifullah Hussaini, who referred to measures adopted by his organization to restore greenery of Karachi and its suburbs through water recycling.