People, all around the world, are irked by the news of sexual harassment at the workplace. Pakistani women are victims of sexual harassment; rampant at a good pace. Women are completely discouraged for job hunting due to the increasing trend of harassment cases. Women can play a significant role to bolster countries economy. For doing work at their best capabilities, it requires a safe and secure working environment. And for that, Government and law-makers need to comply with all necessary implementations without further delay.

Jurisdiction will have to be implemented under specified conditions of “Sexual Harassment ACT 2010”. Ombudsperson has been alloted to each province. This, however, is not a sufficient number to deal with the districts all alone. Ombudspersons may be increased to encompass all parameters of HARASSMENT ACT-2010 at every corner of the country. So that the factors that incite this worst condition should be incorporated and overhauled by lawmakers to avoid horrid conditions and encourage women to come forward to engage themselves in the country’s welfare.