LAHORE (PR): Ajoka Institute is presenting a unique online theatre production, Manto Online, on July 24, 2020. The play will be produced on Zoom and -streamed live on Facebook. This is the first time that a theatre play will be presented live online in Pakistan. The play is directed by Nirvaan Nadeem and will be presented by the online acting class students of Ajoka. Ajoka Institute director Nirvaan Nadeem said “ it is a bold experiment and we are all very excited about it. It is a message from Ajoka and the theatre community that we will not surrender to the Corona crisis and the show will go on, come what may”. He said “this is the first of many Ajoka productions in coming months, on ground and online.

The performance will start at 7 pm on Friday 24 July on Facebook and will then be broadcasted on YouTube and Instagram .