With the emergence of global warming and climate change, health insecurities are rising day by day. We are facing inhumane practices in all phases of our departments (government, health sectors, education system, international levels etc). We have good people in a minority and bad people in the majority who are eating this country on all levels.

Food in particular is facing many issues as global warming dries up the Indus River leading to a shortage of food supply. Many warnings and laws have been passed against those who misuse their authority but to no avail. Instead, threats are given to the people who are following the law and working for the betterment of the country. Food authorities are always threatened to death and people mostly do not cooperate with them. There have been many attacks on food authorities such as the attack on the Punjab Food Authority in 2019 where a guard was shot.

In this regard, people should work in whatever capacity they can and provide help to the government by holding these corrupt people accountable.

Marina Pervaiz,