ISLAMABAD           -       How many of us are tired of blackheads making our skin feel rugged and look unclear? Then there are whiteheads, and dead skin and what not!! How can we get rid of this everyday hassle of removing these impurities from our skin? Here’s an answers to all your questions. Lahore-based brand Activated Charcoal is an all-natural, 100% organic powder that when applied directly on to the skin, traps all impurities and toxins that exist within your skin.

It’s highly effective formula, designed to remove all kinds of toxins will leave your skin feeling extra smooth and dirt free.

Because in this pollution filled world, we need products that do the trick, but gently. And there’s nothing more gentle and effective than Activated Charcoal powder made from coconut shells.

The soft and gentle formula will definitely result in a better looking skin, free of blackheads, impurities, whiteheads and dirt. So enjoy and flaunt your healthy, flawless skin.