ISLAMABAD       -      He’s the New-Zealand born actor who became a Hollywood megastar in the ‘90s when he starred in blockbuster Jurassic Park. And Sam Neill revealed recently why he never moved to Los Angeles at the height of his fame, despite this being the natural path for many Kiwi thespians. In an interview, the 72 year old said: ‘I like going there [to Hollywood]; I have a lot of friends there and I’m always happy to work there. But I just don’t want to live there. It’s not a conducive state of mind.’ Sam went on to say he did live in Los Angeles with his family for one year, but he hardly spent any time there because he was always travelling for work.

 ‘I did take my family over at one point in the early ‘90s and spent one year in LA, but every job I did that year was in Argentina, the Czech Republic - anywhere but Hollywood,’ he said. ‘And I thought, “Why am I living in Hollywood if I’m not working in Hollywood and I don’t like it here?”’ Sam’s interview comes after he discussed the future of Jurassic World 3 after production was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.