I love Pakistan because it has given me everything that I have. It is my country, homeland and loving it is rooted in my blood and soul. This country has educated, fed and protected me. It has given me everything it has. This is the land of my ancestors, who also loved it. Every inch of its soil is rich with our sweat and blood. Our bones are buried here, and will continue to be; they have become a part of this land. It is extremely precious and sacred.

Pakistan is not just a piece of land to me. It is located in one of the most important and strategically suitable corners of the world. Pakistan is unique in its shape: it is a small country but has defining features such as the lowest and highest points in the world. Pakistan is a precious and valuable gift from the Almighty Allah. Presently, it faces many challenges in the shape of both foreign and domestic challenges. We must protect it from all these issues and contribute to its prosperity with our hard work, sincerity and honesty.