ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly Monday witnessed a heated discussion on privatisation as the opposition warned the government to challenge any decision taken to privatise Public Sector Entities (PSEs) in the current crisis like situation.

The government side, on the other hand, blamed the main opposition parties for the ruin of PSEs in their era by ‘poor and weak’ policies.

During the hot debate on privatisation, the treasury benches also put an end to rumours about curtailing the retirement age of government employees from 60 to 55.

Initiating the debate, PML-N’s parliamentary secretary Khwaja Muhammad Asif blamed the government for pursuing agenda of ‘someone else’.

“We would challenge your [Government] decision in the court,” said Asif, criticizing the government for approving ordinance from the house without taking opposition into confidence. “We were dubbed as a traitor on the issue of Kulbhushan Yadev…Today, this government is doing legislation to facilitate him,” he viewed.

PML-N’s senior leader, in his speech on privatization, started unexpectedly giving credit to politicians for getting endorsement from the public. “Not a single institute gets endorsement from the public like politicians,” he said, commenting that the politicians should represent the public in a good manner.

 PPP-P’s senior lawmaker Nafeesa Shah, taking part in debate, said that there was a need to form a commission to oversee the reasons behind selling PSEs [From the tenure between 1990 to till date]. “This is not the time to privatize but buy,” she commented.

PPP-P’s MNA blamed the government for hiding the matter of Kulbhushan from the opposition. “What was the purpose of this ordinance, as it gives impression to save him [Kulbhushan],” she commented. PPP-P’s MNA also asked the government to clarify its dual national cabinet members. “It was Khan, who used to give the title of traitor to dual nationals in the past now its own cabinet members are having dual nationality,” she said.

About COVID-19 issue, the government claimed that there was a declining trend of Coronavirus patients in the country. “The government has increasing testing capacity, as now 130 labs are specifically testing it,” said Nosheen Hamid, a parliamentary secretary.

“There is a noticeable decrease in the cases, as the government can't hide deaths [due to COVID-19] and critical patients in the country,” she said.