KARACHI           -        Calling the Sindh government a ‘mafia’, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Karachi President Khurrum Sher Zaman on Monday held it responsible for increase in wheat flour prices in the province.

He said that the wheat was being stolen and smuggled by giving bribes.

Khurrum Sher Zaman said that the people were purchasing wheat flour at higher prices after the milk and vegetable prices.

He alleged that thousand of tonnes of wheat had been stolen under the supervision of the provincial government. He further said that all this was being done in connivance with the provincial food department, price control committee and the deputy commissioners of districts.

“The federal government is ready to provide flour to Sindh if the provincial government wants help in this regard,” he offered.

He hoped that the provincial government would not ask for loan from the World Bank or another organisation in the name of wheat.

He also warned of holding protests if prices of wheat flour were not decreased.