ISLAMABAD            -          The Sindh government on Monday submitted a report about the allocation of funds for purchasing of vehicles, Karachi development projects, health, education sectors and revamping of Gujjar Nallah.

The provincial government submitted the reply in a suo moto case regarding the steps taken to combat the COVID-19 as on the last hearing, the Supreme Court had directed the Sindh government to submit a comprehensive report on various issues.

A three-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed will resume hearing in this matter. The report told the apex court that it has earmarked RS 3,871.232 million in financial year 2020-21, which is 0.31 percent of the total outlay for procurement of vehicles.

According to the report, total outlay of the expenditure of government of Sindh estimated for financial year 2020-21 is 1,241,125.7 million rupees. Out of the budgeted amount RS 3,871.232 million were earmarked for procurement of vehicles.

It submitted that during the three financial years from 2018-19 to 2020-21, the Sindh government allocated RS  9,267.8 million out of which RS  795.6 million have actually been utilized. It said that the expenditure of Sindh on procurement of vehicles is less than the other governments except the Balochistan government.

The report informed that major allocation procurement of vehicles is RS   2,000 million for police vehicles; RS 742.097 million for Board of Revenue’s operational vehicles; RS 293.790 million for Law & Parliamentary Affairs including Judges of the Courts; RS 134 million for Agriculture; RS 69.181 for Health; and remaining RS 632.256 million are for the purchase of vehicles for 27 other departments.

It also submitted that during the financial year 2020-21 the government allocated RS 45.790 billion as development budget for Karachi, which includes RS 24.547 billion allocated for 402 Karachi specific schemes in ADP 2020-21 (166 major schemes costing more than RS 200 million); RS 401.270 million allocated to the six districts of Karachi for district-based schemes; RS 1.794 billion share for Karachi in province-wide schemes.

It added that besides that RS 2500.00 million have also been allocated under the District ADP 2020-21 for Karachi; RS 19,047.0 million for six major projects with total cost of RS 190.0 billion funded by International Development Partners as FPA Projects in 2020-21.

It further said that Karachi Water & Sewerage Services Improvement Project (KWSSIP); Project cost is RS .14.73 billion for focusing on long term strengthening of the KW&SB through multiple reforms (RS 3465.0 million allocated in 2020-21). Karachi Urban Mobility Project - Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) Yellow Line; Project cost is RS 56.20 billion project is another mega transport intervention so for the city (RS .3300.0 million allocated in 2020-21). Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) RED Line; Project cost is RS 62.67 billion, it is one of the main transport corridors in the city (RS 1980.0 million allocated in 2020-21 and RS 402.43 million for PDA Component allocated in 2020-21). Solid Waste Emergency Efficiency Project (WB); New Project for Karachi, Total Cost needs to be ascertained, however, allocation of RS .825.0 million has been made in 2020-21

The report said that RS 21,082 million (13.6% of the total development budget of Provincial ADP 2020-21) was allocated for education; RS 28,980 million for health (18.7.6 % of the total development budget of Provincial ADP 2020-21); RS 18,700 million for Water Supply & Sanitation and RS 48,219 million for infrastructure development.

It said that additionally, RS 3,917 million are allocated for Social Protection & Poverty Reduction in the development budget of 2020-21. Moreover, RS 34.02 billion are allocated under the non-development budget for pro-poor special protection & economic sustainability initiatives. This amount includes RS 20 billion for cash transfers through Sindh People’s Support Programme. An amount of RS 5.00 billion for COVID Emergency Response has been allocated. About Gujjar Nallah the report said that a scheme of revamping of Gujjar Nallah including service roads was approved on 14-07-2017 at a total cost of RS 1100 million. The expenditure upto 30.06.2020 was RS 561.248 Million. An allocation of RS 150 million has been made during the current financial year 2020-21.

The report also stated that the number of COVID-19 cases in Sindh has increased exceptionally from 72,656 to 111,238. However, due to timely intervention of Health Department, the recovery rate has improved from 53.06% to 79% with actual number of 88,103 recovered patients and 1952 reported deaths.