KARACHI - The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has called upon Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) to advocate the cause of the SMEs earnestly and make efforts for the betterment of the sector scientifically to enable them become competitive globally. President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver presiding over the managing committee meeting enumerated steps, which could broaden the scope and enhance the capabilities of the sector. He said SMEDA should carry out survey of all SMEs in Pakistan along with their nature of trade industry wise and area wise. Secondly, it is very important to classify them according to their employment size, turnover and productive assets as small or medium. Thirdly, SMEDA should gather the facts about their income tax assessment and registration with the tax authorities to free them from false accusations of not paying taxes. He said the SMEs are paying regular taxes and there is a wrong impression that SMEs are avoiding tax payment, this fact can be verified from figures as there is withholding tax on imports, exports and services and no body is spared. It is the micro sector that is not paying taxes but most of them have income which is below taxable income and they stand exempted. Fourthly, SMEDA should penetrate in the rural areas and devote more time on agro based industries and upgrade them one by one as they are following primitive methods of production and are in need of modern systems. UNISAME committee stressed the importance of SME promotion and declared that SME promotion is no charity but it is the right of the SMEs and SMEDA must not fail in inviting the attention of the government to the needs of the sector which is in the majority and is surely the back bone of the economy. The committee urged SMEDA to immediately take up the matter with the government that the commercial banks are not financing the SMEs as they are not trained in SME financing nor do they have the will to finance the small entrepreneur. The committee reiterated that the SMEs need finance at affordable mark up, land at concession, smooth supply of raw materials and technology for production, marketing support and logistics. The committee demanded banking, insurance and leasing facilities for SMEs to enable them borrow and repay loans on easy installments The participants demanded that SMEDA should not remain passive to the sufferings of the SMEs due to load shedding, law and order problems, high handedness of government officials and corruption and urged SMEDA to come forward and form joint action committee to take up these issues with he government on priority basis. The SMEs expressed confidence that SMEDA would take up the matter with the ministry of industries and ensure that the sector is not ignored and the ministry would find ways and means to facilitate the sector according to the attention it deserves by virtue of its majority.