ISLAMABAD - Former federal minister and central leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Q Ejazul Haq held a meeting with Chief Election Commissioner and Secretary Election Commission on Saturday to get the orders of Lahore High Court implemented wherein the court de-seating MPA from PP-284 had directed the Election Commission to declare Ejazul Haq, runner-up in the election, as successful candidate. Ejazul Haq said that he had asked the Chief Election Commissioner to implement the orders of the Division Bench of Lahore High Court wherein the court accepting his plea had held that Khalid Raouf was ineligible for contesting elections and it was the case of pre-elections disqualification and the runners up in the elections should be notified as the successful candidate from the seat. To a question Ejazul Haq said that Election Commission of Pakistan was reluctant to notify him as a successful candidate and wanted to have governments point of view on the subject. However, he said that he had made it clear to them that it was not the matter of securing a seat of the Punjab Assembly, rather it was the matter of principles and a test-case for the Election Commission of Pakistan to exercise its powers and establish its independence. He further said that Chief Election Commissioner had sought two days time for thorough study of the judgment. Ejazul Haq said that he had also contested elections from PP-284 Fort Abbas and was runner-up in the elections but as soon after the elections he had challenged the election of Khalid Raouf on technical grounds and on establishment that he was not qualified to contest elections the court had given decision in his favour. Ejazul Haq also cited a number of identical cases wherein the superior courts of Pakistan and India had given similar decisions and was confident of getting himself notified as MPA from the area. To a question Ejazul Haq said that it was not matter of securing the seat of MPA as he remained member of National Assembly several times and also held the portfolios of Federal Minister a number of times but he had contested the case just to establish the rule of law and supremacy of Election Commission of Pakistan.