ISLAMABAD-The weather-beaten face of an old father Muhammad Aziz is telling all about his sufferings and hardships and one need not ask question why he is repairing bags at the age of 86. The answer is simple he is doing this to get two meals a day. Around the world, people are celebrating the World Fathers Day today (Sunday) to honour dads and to express their love and affection for them. Fathers day in Pakistan might not be at the scale as it is being celebrated in the rest of the world but every year the spirits are catching up. However, an octogenarian father, who did not have any idea of this special day remained busy at his makeshift roadside kiosk in the ruthless summer to earn some money and to support his family. Muhammad Aziz is above retirement age and stammers while speaking. His voice is too feeble to be heard and one has to pay extra attention to comprehend his words. He even feels difficulty in movement from one place to another and according to him a kind taxi-driver of his area daily gives him pick and drop, that, too free of cost. But despite facing so many difficulties still he has great courage and is financially supporting his two sons in bearing their daily expenses by repairing bags for the last 30 years at Aabpara Market. While narrating his story in a dim voice he told that his two sons were also working, but they both had large size families to support and could hardly bear their expenses. Today prices are soaring up and the little salary that they both earn is not sufficient for monthly expenses, therefore I have no option but to work to support my children, he said with tenderness. Besides, he said work kept him active adding, If I quit I will fall ill. My children loved me so much and they did not want me to work, he informed with a smile on his face. His profession kept him away from home for a long time and he even could not find time for rest. He opens his shop around 8 am and works up to 9 pm. During this while, he can hardly earn Rs100 or sometime Rs200 daily.