Every time a separatist Sardar from Balochistan comes on a channel, he repeat just two points like a parrot; first, he blames Punjab for everything and abuses it. Second, he talks about autonomy based on the 1940 resolution. They talk nothing else. I do not understand why these traitors are invited for interviews on these channels. Haven't they already made it clear like crystal that they want independence, and nothing short of it? Recently, an anchor was talking to Akhtar Mengal who was abusing Punjab constantly with the clear intent of spreading hatred. This is what was done in the former East Pakistan where Bengali Muslims were even given a slogan that meant the Punjabis were eating the golden fibre (Jute) of Bangla. This was, of course, not true but this slogan was repeated so much everyday that the Bangalis eventually started believing it. The same formula is being applied in the remaining Pakistan and unfortunately there is no one to answer this propaganda from Islamabad. It is time Punjab woke up to its responsibility. -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, June 13.