This is in response to Ikram Seghal's article Avoiding a quagmire (in an English daily), I greatly respect Ikram Seghal but I do not agree with his recommendations of co-opting senior retired officers in the military planning/assessments of Swat operations. I also greatly respect the outstanding officers mentioned in the article. Brig Mohammad Taj was my company commander in PMA in 1966-67; Brig Manto was my CO in 1971 Pak-Indo war and I served under General Lehrasab when he was the Secretary Defense Production. But these officers (like myself to some degree) are of a period when the Pakistan Army was equipped & trained for and fought a second & third generation conflict. The nation and the Pakistan Army are now fighting a fourth generation war (4GW) whose dynamics are very different. This is no insurgency or low intensity conflict or a revolutionary war or a war of liberation. Those were conflicts of the past. The 4GW is all of the above and more. In this era of globalization, which has melted the borders of nation states, we are fighting the global gorillas, the Taliban, the local tribes, homegrown Jihadis, drug smugglers and criminals, all at the same time. -MAJ-GEN (Retd) SYED ALI HAMID, via e-mail, June 17.