It was good to become an atomic power for the sake of the country's security. However, it was equally important to have attained self-sufficiency in electrical power for the nation's prosperity and economic well being. Over the years, our power generation capability has been dropping instead of increasing to meet the growing demand. Power thefts and losses have been on the increase to worsen the situation further. Power tariffs are escalating continuously and the load is being shed fifty percent of the time. Already the electricity rates are one of the highest in the world and are bound to increase tremendously in the coming months when the costly planned thermal plants come on line and the government subsidy is withdrawn. The alarming increase in power tariffs would further push the thefts upwards forcing the honest consumers to pay for the theft. More than a quarter of our generators are producing electricity to supply thefts, which is likely to increase. The increase in power theft is one of the factors for the upward revision of the tariffs and for passing on the price for lost energy in the honest consumer's bills. The net result is that honest consumers bear the brunt by also paying for those who steal. -ENGR R.A. BHUTTA, Lahore, via e-mail, June 14.