LAHORE - Though positively postured Opposition at the Punjab Assembly did not point out the quorum in an ever-thinning presence of the members, but it had to stage walkout from the floor thrice during a days proceedings on Saturday after it was grilled by the Treasury benches, and its estranged friends. It all started immediately after proceedings started on Saturday when PPPs Sajida Mir, on a point of order, criticised the Opposition members, and supported the idea of changing Leader of the Opposition Ch Zaheer-ud-Din. Unification Bloc member Ijaz Shafi, who came to the fore for the first time with the idea of having a new Opposition Leader a day earlier, quickly stood up and supported Mirs argument by saying that the matter should be resolved. But this made the Oppositions female members go noisy, who started raising slogans 'Lotay, Lotay. Interestingly, Ijaz Shafi along with his present-day colleagues, had been facing the same situation, but at that time, it was done by the Treasury members, especially of the 'N block. Now it seems that after announcing their support for the Shahbaz government, they have been 'purged of the guilt that they defected the N-League, and became part of the Musharraf-sponsored PML-Q, and then again joined hands with the Sharifs. Shafis tongue-in-cheek comment - 'They (females) have reached the Assembly because of 'Khairati (charity) seats - annoyed the Q-League females, who staged a walkout to demonstrate their disapproval. However, Ch Zaheer remained present and continued his speech, while pointing out that 'Lota (turncoat) manufacturer PML-Ns Khawaja Ahmed Hasan should not be sitting in the official gallery. He must leave the seat, demanded Zaheer. At this point, the House turned noisiest when both sides started raising slogans. The Treasury members demanded in loud voice that the Musharrafs remnants must be thrown out of the Assembly premises. Another member Tahir Khalil Sindhu retorted by saying that the Oppositions leader Ch Pervaiz Elahi was one of the most prominent names known for manufacturing 'turncoats. However, Ch Zaheer persisted with his demand of showing exit door to Khawaja Hasan, while the latter kept on sitting. It was primarily due to the reason that, in the Advisory Committees meeting, it was decided that visitor passes would not be issued to anyone because of the security reasons. By virtue of this decision, Khawaja Hasan should not have been allowed entry. Seeing adamant Khawaja, and non-responsive Treasury, Ch Zaheer staged a walkout. The Chair constituted committee, comprising Minister Malik Nadeem Kamran, Yousuf Gurki, Shahzadi Tiwana and Syed Nazim Hussain Shah, to bring Ch Zaheer back to the floor. In the meantime, Khawaja Hasan left the gallery, and the Opposition Leader returned to occupy his seat. Acting Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan had stipulated 10 minutes for each member to speak on the budget, but no one observed it. Resultantly, quite a few left the floor after seeing members taking more time. The Rana repeatedly requested members to stop, but it fell on deaf ears. When Oppositions Amina Ulfat did not stop speaking even after consuming about 15 minutes, the Chair gave the floor to another member. She was of the view that more time was being given to the Treasury members. In a protest, she also walked out, which turned out to be the third walkout by the Opposition members in a day. Earlier, the House also took up three privilege motions. Out of these one by Major (r) Abdul Rehman Rana, about the agreement on Faisalabad-Lahore Road, was referred to the Privilege Committee, while another by Syed Hassan Murtaza - accusing the Deputy District Officer Chiniot of malpractice - was pended. Opposition members motion about submission of the Ombudsman report to the Assembly was disposed off, as it would be presented in the House soon.