During the preceding season, the growers of paddy crop of Sindh were hit by two calamites. One; obviously by unpredictable inclement weather which brought downpour at the time when crop was just harvested and lying in the open fields to be picked up for marketing. Another hardship, though not as unpredictable, was the inhuman attitude of Pakistan Agriculture Supply Corporation (PASCO) who picked up the rice yield but despite passage of more than six months, has failed to make payments to the growers. The cultivators whose main crop is rice cannot sustain long if they are not paid their labor's worth well in time. When the PASCO people procured the yield from them, they had made commitment to clear all payments within 15 days. By not fulfilling their obligation they have turned most paddy growers to penury. The non-payment of crop price by the PASCO is definitely going to affect the next crop adversely because most of the growers have failed to purchase even seed, fertilizer etc for sowing in the ensuing season. I request the Prime Minster and the Chief Minster Sindh to look into the affairs of paddy growers of the province and direct PASCO officials to make immediate payments of the product purchased by them last season. This would save these hapless communities who are sitting at the verge of either committing suicides or turn to beggary. -SHAFQAT HUSSAIN QURESHI, Hyderabad, via e-mail, June 14.