KARACHI - The Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) has proved to be a burden on the national exchequer as its income of the last 9 months is Rs 40 million against its Rs 776 million expenditures in terms of salaries of its staff, the Nation has learnt. It is observed that the institute is not addressing the real issues and has become less effective due to its poor marketing of invented products, however a huge loss of million of rupees has been caused in the last 9 months in terms of its expenditures. It is interesting that the country is in financial crisis and such institutes are just a burden on the kitty of the country, yet research at the institute is done but its effects has not been seen so far in agricultural and industrial sectors. No centralized data centre has been established to make the other institutes, which could be benefited from it, aware of the research done in the respective fields, and the research of the institute is not operated, said Nadeem Zafar, Chairman Research and Economic Development Cell KCCI. Moreover, the researches being done at the Institute should be translated into Urdu to increase its worth, while advance industrial centres should be established along with the requirement of satellites, he added. KCCI Science and Technology Committee Chairman Faisal Khalil was of the opinion that precious foreign exchange could be earn for the country from the engineering sector. But unfortunately we are unaware of the modern research done in this sector and for that matter PCSIR is responsible, he added. The issue is that the institute has not done marketing of its products to make the industrialist and businessmen community aware of opportunities that can enhance their business through such researches, said Shamim Ahmed Shamsi. It is sad that the institute is not meeting with the goals it has been established for, yet machines suppliers could have been benefited much if they had support of PCSIR with them, he added. The businessmen and industrialists are not aware of the institutes products therefore they can not exploit the opportunities or the new ways open to foreign exchange, however the need is to be of creating links between the institute and business community through effective marketing, it was further.