As reported in newspapers, the Prime Minster has accorded approval to Sindh government for purchase of 50 operational vehicles for police department of the province. No doubt the provincial police is not only under-employed but also engaged mostly in VVIP duties. But it also lacks adequate logistics support with the result that crime is rampant, be that the main metropolis or the rest of province. The reason for insufficiency of logistics apparently is that instead of arming the personnel with better equipment, the provincial government has spent most of the funds to purchase of luxury vehicles such as Prados and Surfs etc. Even the junior most police officers of the province (as well as their families) can be seen going around in Lahore in these 'SP number' extra luxury vehicles. I don't think it is even otherwise appropriate for a country like ours to spend huge amounts on acquiring luxury objects. But in hard times like this, there is absolutely no justification for such splurges. I therefore suggest the authorities to be extremely circumspect in utilizing the funds now made available by the federal government for purchase of vehicles for the law enforcing organizations. -QAZI ABDUL MAJEED, Hyderabad, via e-mail, June 14.