Some people believe that our entertainment industry is at fault for the increasing violence in the society. The TV and cinema show movies full of violence with very violent characters as heroes or heroines who triumph in the end because of their capacity to be successful in undertaking violent missions. The young people then follow these heroes or heroines, which to their mind at least, are symbols of the struggle against injustice. Undoubtedly, the violence depicted in the media affects the society. Thousands of studies have pointed to a relationship between media violence and the real life crimes. Years of research show that exposure to media violence causes people, especially the young ones, to behave more aggressively, both in their teens and adult years. They don't bother about the ethical dimension and firmly believe that there must be a tit for tat. The scientists believe that the negative effect of media especially on young people can be profound. If they grow up on the staple of violent content, they may even accept violence to be the only way to resolve conflicts. This makes them more likely than not to behave in an aggressive manner towards others. The statistical analysis shows that with the increase of violence on TV and cinema, the street crimes have increased and most of the times, young people are involved in such crimes. The media, for its part, claims that it only mirrors the society. The movies showing violence on TV or cinema are based on true stories culled from common, everyday experience of the society. The media says it is working for the betterment of the society by putting these issues in focus so that the authorities are provided with the right sort of direction to enforce law and order. -RIZWAN HABIB, Lahore, June 20.