ISLAMABAD-The government has ignored two important stakeholders of the health system-the National Council of Tib and the National Council of Homoeopathy- while finalising the third health policy. The government was supposed to consult them during formulation of the health policy as it made these two autonomous bodies as essential part of the National Health Policy. But on the contrary, the both councils have been completely ignored while evolving this important document. The work on the new health policy started in April last year. The present government embarked on this initiative of formulating new policy while keeping in mind the ground realities and needs of public in health sector. Now the policy draft has neared the finalisation. But Homoeopathy and Tib-Unani despite being recognised as part of the overall medical system were not given due importance in upcoming policy. The two institutions, therefore, have demanded of the government to incorporate them in the new health policy as full fledge health system like that of allopathic. The National Council of Homoeopathy and National Council of Tib have opposed any policy draft that does not treat them as secondary health systems. While only including allopathic system of medicine in the upcoming policy, the government is trying to promote single health system in Pakistan. Ignoring Homoeopathic and Tib system is discouraging, said President National Council of Homoeopathy Dr Mahmood-ul-Haq Abbasi while talking to TheNation. A number of appeals made to the Health Ministry in addition to high-ups, including Prime Minister and President went unheard as no one came up with a response aimed at addressing grievances of the both councils, he added Despite repeated attempts made by the both Councils, the authorities concerned did not bother to address their issue to have their input in the policy making, he lamented. It is not only the issue of not integrating the traditional medical system into the policy but also matter of blatantly ignoring both councils rather than consulting them to have their suggestions to be incorporated into the document, he continued. He opined that the traditional healthcare system in Pakistan comprising homoeopathic and Tib-e-Unani have always been neglected in Pakistan. One reason behind excluding homoeopathy from health policy is lack of education standard especially that of homoeopathy, which was not up to the mark in Pakistan. It does not also match the international standard, said a Ministrys official desiring not to be named. The official was of the view that Councils of Homoeopathy and Tib should start working on the pattern of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, which only set criterion and standard for allopathic medical education and does not have any concern with the examination system as is not in its domain. Quite opposite to the practice of PMDC, these councils of Homoeopathy and Tib-Unani did not follow this practice. This has weakened their education system and unfortunately, it could not appear, as strong system like allopathic system, he added.