UNITED NATIONS - The United Nations said on Friday that its relief agencies and their partners were pressing ahead with their efforts to support the 2.5 million people forced to flee their homes by the ongoing conflict between government forces and Taliban militants in Pakistans north-west region. The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, has welcomed the airlift of more than 35,000 kg of relief supplies, donated by the Irish and the Norwegian governments, for its operations for the IDPs. The urgently-needed relief goods, which include tents, blankets and mosquito nets, are now on their way to the agencys operational hub in NWFP, where they will be used to support the camps housing many of the migrant persons, UN Spokesperson Michelle Montas said. She said the $543 million humanitarian appeal launched about a month ago to deal with the needs of displaced persons has so far received only 30 per cent of the necessary funding.